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Digital Teaching Resources


These videos are included in the Teaching and Learning Resources of Perspectives: An Open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology which is supported by the American Anthropological Association. They are freely available for instructors to use in their classes.

Video Title                               Length

Defining Anthropology – Lecture 1 12:52

Defining Anthropology – Lecture 2 7:02

Historical Trends – Lecture 1 10:33

Historical Trends – Lecture 2 11:23

Historical Trends – Lecture 3 10:54

Historical Trends – Lecture 4 10:26

Political Economy – Lecture 1 9:42

Political Economy – Lecture 2 12:35

Political Economy – Lecture 3 8:48

Political Economy – Lecture 4 8:35

Political Economy – Lecture 5 9:44

Political Economy – Lecture 6 10:24

Ethics – Lecture 1 13:26

Ethics – Lecture 2 16:57

Informants – Lecture 1 18:20

Informants – Lecture 2 15:19

Religion – Lecture 1 15:20

Religion – Lecture 2 14:45

Religion – Lecture 3 12:14

Social Organization – Lecture 1 9:51

Social Organization – Lecture 2 9:33

Social Organization – Lecture 3 11:32


Dying and Bereavement Student Paper Prizes, 2018

This year the Dying and Bereavement Interest Group of the Society of Medical Anthropology will award two paper prizes for research in the areas of death, bereavement, mortuary practices, memorialization and/or related rituals.

The Emerging Scholars Paper Award is for undergraduate, graduate students seeking an MA, students in-between a BA and MA program, as well as students who have already obtained their MA. The Doctoral Student Paper Award is for doctoral students and candidates. Awards will be bestowed at the AAA annual meeting and will be accompanied by a $100 prize for each paper.

  • Papers may be theoretical and/or empirical but should show strong anthropological grounding.
  • Papers must be unpublished.
  • A cover page must be attached with the author’s name, address, phone number, email address, institution, department and program (BA, MA, PhD) or specify independent scholar
  • Papers should not exceed 20 pages double-spaced pages in length (~5,000 words) with 12 point font
  • Online paper submission due: June 1, 2018 to Dr. Margaret Souza at Late submissions will not be accepted.

Suggested Resources on Death, Dying, Mourning, and/or Bereavement

The following is a selected compilation of references for research, teaching, or enrichment. Please send an email to if you would like add to this list (send a brief summary/abstract of the resource would be helpful).

Green, James W. 2008. Beyond the Good Death: The Anthropology of Modern Dying. Philadelphia, PA: The University of Pennsylvania Press.