Upcoming and Ongoing Events and Meetings

The following is a place where you can find upcoming events (conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.). Please send an email to branl168@newschool.edu if you would like add an event to this list.

Our Special Interest Group will meet via ZOOM on March 31 at 4PM US EST for a business meeting. On the agenda will be to introduce the new co-chair of the group, meet the members, discuss the awards for students and our web site. The business will be followed by a general discussion. Please let us know if there is any topic you would want us to consider for the agenda. We also would appreciate if you would​ us know if you will be attending.

The Program Committee for the Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness invites members and their collaborators to investigate how we engage with communities concerning death, dying, and transformation. We chose this theme to reflect upon the individual and collective experiences with death (in all its forms) and the experience of transformation. The theme of Death and Transformation points to the context and social climate in which we currently live: many of us – if not all of us – are seeing many of our lifeways and habits dissolve and metamorphosizing into forms that are unexpected, unanticipated, and difficult to ascertain. As anthropologists and consciousness researchers, we understand that we need to provide containers for each other so that we may be of support to each other during such a collective liminal time. Please see the AAA’s Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness website at https://ac.americananthro.org/ for more details.